Tangled Garden - J.E.H. McDonald

Tangled Garden – J.E.H. McDonald

Into the Tangled Garden | A Self Discovery Studio in Mt. Pleasant, SC

If you tune out your mind for a moment, what happens is that you can listen to your body. Your body will tell you where you need to focus your energy to create health. If you can sit in silence, you can hear the voice within you that is rarely listened to, yet it has the answers to all your questions.

I love the myth of life. A garden is a perfect metaphor for the life cycles of birth, death, and re-birth that takes places throughout our lifetime! We usually go kicking and screaming from one transition to another, never wanting to let go, making life harder for ourselves.

Letting go and living in this present is the best gift we can give ourselves and each other. Go ahead. Let go of what you think you are doing this very moment, and focus on what’s going on within. By letting go, we open our hearts, we feel, we touch, we hear, we see, we intuit. We become aware of life. We go off automatic pilot and get involved. We are awake, aware, alive.

Let’s metaphor.

We are the garden. We have our roots – our family. The soil is the culture we’re born into. The way we perceive all of our life experiences is because of our family, our culture, our country, and advertising too! We get tangled in other people’s roots, and it takes us at least a half a lifetime, if not more, to get untangled and find our unique gift to give to the world. We all have at least one, if not many.

Into the Tangled Garden is the name of my practice, and in this garden, we find out that it is “all good.” We find that the things we get tangled in are the very things that make us who we are. They teach us the lessons we need to learn and prepare us to give back to the world. This process adds joy to life and creates wholeness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Get out of dualistic thinking!

This is wholeness – accepting that what effects one part of you also effects the whole. What’s blocking you is what’s keeping your beautiful self from blooming. That’s the micro. Then, there is the macro. The negative or positive energy you radiate goes back into the world. Whether we are aware of it or not, we create our own environment and biosphere.

I can help you take the journey back to your beginning, to discover that your every encounter and experience is recorded in your chakra data bank that actually exists in your body near your endocrine glands. These chakras need to be clear for energy to flow. Most of us have blocks from past experiences we haven’t dealt with and things in the present we wish to avoid. Yet, those are the things that keep us stuck. Left unchecked, they may contribute to pain, illness, and disease. Remember that everything is connected.

After you get comfortable with this awareness, I help you move on to see that the fragments of your personality are represented in archetypal patterns. These archetypes have control over you. They can literally run your show until you recognize them and then decide how they can best serve you.

  • Do you have a Queen that needs to be catered to?
  • Are you a Warrior with control over your mind and attitude that enables you to reach your goals?
  • Do you have a Judge? Is it operating in a positive way to balance justice and compassion? Or is it a shadow Judge that manifests itself in destructive criticism and judgment with a private agenda?

It’s amazing what a little shift in consciousness can do for you, your relationships, your health, your career, your spirit, and the energy you give back into the world.

Go on now, take your life to the next level and step…into the tangled garden.


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  • Understand the nature of your individual spirit.
  • See the symbolic meaning of your life struggles.
  • Act with courage and with faith as you work toward a bigger picture.

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