A Tangled Mess or A Mass of Harmony

A Tangled Mess or A Mass of HarmonyThe phrase Into the Tangled Garden is a metaphor that symbolizes our lives as human beings, a garden made of 50 trillion cells.

Deepak Chopra, M.D., a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, tells us, “these cells do about 6 trillion things a second, and each cell instantly knows what the other cell is doing. All the while, we follow the patterns of the stars, play the piano and make a baby at the same time.”

Is your garden healthy?

Do you take for granted that you are a miracle?

Tangled refers to a complicated state of mind – a lower realm of everyday consciousness that resembles a muddle, a mess that creates complex, difficult and confusing situations. The tangled mind takes simple thoughts and makes them impossible to make sense of. In a tangled state, we begin to deceive ourselves. In this frame of mind, life becomes a struggle.

A healthy garden – both pruned and ever-wild – is full of life energy. It goes through cycles. It’s fluid and flexible. It is a metaphor for a life well lived.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. is internationally recognized as a leader in the movement bridging science and spirit. Lipton, who started his career as a cellular biologist, says, “Evolution is a garden. The significance of a garden is the furthest thing from a battlefield. A garden by its nature and definition is harmony among all the individual plants and animals that are facilitating the expression of the garden. It’s a harmony, a community, a co-operative, a creation.”

The paradox is that within our garden of self, we often house a tangled mind that becomes a war zone, containing the contradicting thoughts and beliefs of our parents, siblings and friends, as well as our culture, religion and society. The opinions of these forces chaotically bounce around our brain like a bag of marbles thrown onto the floor. Maybe the expression “loosing our marbles” refers to losing our own truth within the jumble of all the voices fighting for control inside our head.

How do we prevent these jumbled thoughts from interfering with our potential for spiritual certainty, evolution and harmony? It may seem impossible, for there are many times we make the decision to change and find ourselves recreating the same self-defeating situations. We get trapped in the subconscious mind where old habits reside.

Into the Tangled Garden - weeding out

Weeding out this disrupting commentary is easier than you think. We are born with the tools. We just need to be aware of them. Once aware, we can’t go back. For when we dig into our garden, we find what we have been looking for – our authentic self. Until we find this, we remain tangled and blind to the infinite possibility that unfolds before us. We repeat the past. We squelch our growth and miss the pure joy of expressing our divine gifts in this lifetime.

Into the Tangled Garden Studio provides an environment for personal enrichment. It is the goal of our center to guide others in their pursuit to discover the authentic self, to weed out the thoughts that hinder our true and divine nature from expressing outward and into our communities. Unleashing this dimension of optimal being begins with creating harmony within the physical body, the mind and emotions, the spirit and soul.

At Into the Tangled Garden Studio, all individuals are respected and encouraged to accept the light and dark aspects of self, as well as the traumas in our personal and collective histories.

Live, love, learn and connect…and by all means,

Dig Deep.