About Me

About Me2000 was a year of change, an invitation to once more answer a call to transform my life. My children were on their own. I had built and sold a successful City Regional Magazine. My life was mine again. I had the time to explore the parts of myself I had not connected with since I was child.

During that time I found Caroline Myss Ph.D.’s book The Anatomy of the Spirit. I knew I hit pay dirt. Myss confirmed what I intuited as a child. As humans we crave communication with something bigger than ourselves to support and guide us. We are wired to long for it and search for it. This “it” has been called many names by many different religions and cultures. I believe it’s our inner divinity, the God within.

I enrolled at the Caroline Myss Educational Institute to study under her for two years. The course material wasn’t New Age by any means. This wasn’t about patting yourself on the back to feel enlightened for doing a certain ritual or practice. Caroline taught us how to face our life lessons. This was work.

And archetypes!

I never thought archetypes would open up a world of knowledge about my experiences and relationships.

I realized by doing the program, there was a plan for my life I’d been acting out. I was finding my way to my own truth – just like everybody else. Throughout the trials and the wounding, I pushed through the pain to discover my strengths. Nothing is more exhilarating than finding the gold in your history. Nothing.

After graduating from CMED, I wanted to more deeply explore the unconscious.

We dream every night, and the big dreams wake you up. You know there is a message there. I wanted to know how to tap into all the resources available to me to enjoy the depth of meaning in this life. I enrolled in the Institute for Dream Studies, where I studied for another two years.

I’ve learned that once you take inventory of your life, you don’t need to wonder anymore. You know what it’s been about. I can now enjoy every minute without doubting myself. If I’m being challenged, I welcome it. I am able to accept situations. Sometimes I confront them. I know I always have a choice.

This way of being is the result of doing the work I now teach.

People feel comfortable with me because I can accept them for who they are, where they are. I can see them as a whole person – not just the fragments of their personality. So everyone is a gift to me.

I named the studio Into the Tangled Garden as a call to return to our true nature. Our lives are so entangled with others and the culture we live in, it’s easy to lose ourselves.

I built Into the Tangled Garden Studio to be a sacred space; a place to share my knowledge and discover the wisdom within others. If we can all gain a better understanding of what we’re capable of, then we can go out in the world and do the work by being true to ourself.

My desire is to provide you with a priceless experience; one that comes from being vulnerable. The key to the work I do lies having a sense of humor as your explore life story along with a compassionate heart.

Carol A. Coronis

Certified Archetypal Consultant: Caroline Myss Educational Institute, 2004

Certified Dream Analyst: Institute for Dream Studies, LLC, 2006

Mission Statement

It is my desire to be in service to my soul. To experience everything as if it were the first time. To give myself the time it takes to create. To touch the earth and give thanks for its beauty and bounty. To reach for the sky and explore the mystery of the cosmos. To treat each person as divine and sacred. To engage in a positive and cheerful way.