Approach Life As A Blank Slate

Approach Life as a Blank Slate

Being open to the possibility of re-creating yourself is the first step to making conscious changes and choices that will grant you the power to do what you never thought possible.

It is only natural to resist abandoning your old way of seeing and acting in the world. If you let go of your beliefs and your former sense of self, you have to approach life as a blank slate. You must admit any knowledge you have is momentary. And that is all right.

All the thoughts and concepts that have offered you a feeling of being safe and  secure, like you know how to navigate this world, will have to die for you to experience the evolution of Self.

Most of us would love if our difficult decisions were made for us. However, if you are receiving inner guidance you will feel a quickening and with it a sense of excitement, a passion.  Ask yourself if you feel enlivened by the prospect of a change in your life. If it’s right for you – you will feel energized. Remember this is your choice and it should excite you. Try not to bring fear into the mix, any choice made in fear, will be the wrong choice.

Jung once said, “Find out what a person fears most, and that is where he will develop next.” Move through fear, have faith in your intuition. Expect some resistance and then move through it.