Archetypal Energy

Helena Bonham as The Red Queen

Helena Bonham as The Red Queen

It’s completely natural to want to discover more about yourself; examine choices you made in the past, becoming aware of how you are changing, and recognizing the patterns and themes of your life.

I’m Carol Coronis, Founder of Into the Tangled Garden Studio. People ask what I do. And this what I tell them:

“Well, I help you make sense of your life story.” We all have a story we tell, and we take it literally. Everything changes when you look at your story symbolically.

I watch people grow in self-esteem, let go of addictions, and finally forgive others who forced them to examine their lives in a painful way.

And I do this all through ARCHETYPES — a concept you may or may not recognize.You may not have heard of the word archetype before, but I guarantee you’ll know an archetype when you see one.

Take this quick quiz.  You’ll see.

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Archetypes are character traits. They appear over and over again in your life. They are spontaneous. You are born with them.

And they are the best way I’ve found to make sense of the unique personality we inherit. Archetypes can help you master your power in every area of your life.  They are the tools of your soul. That’s why they’re so important.

So let’s talk in archetypal terms …

  • Your co-worker, the one who is constantly competing with you and spreading rumors about your life? She’s acting like a bully or gossip.
  • Have you delayed embarking on a new career path to watch TV, drink wine, and graze on chocolate in your spare time? That’s your addict!
  • Is that memory of “the one who got away” — unrequited romance — draining your energy like a vampire?
  • Are you always down to try a new restaurant? Go on vacation without any plans? Spend time with people you just met? Sounds like you’re a bit of an adventurer

Are you starting to get it?

I operate under the belief that every person has a predestined life mission – from the work we do, to the people we meet. Every affliction, every thought, every relationship, every component to life is significant. My mentor, Caroline Myss PhD, calls this pact we have with ourselves and the universe a Sacred Contract.

Our choices matter. Ask yourself:

1. Do you have the tools to process your life events in a way that allows you to learn from what you experience? (I promise you they didn’t teach these tools in school.)

2. Are you aware of the impact your own human struggle has on the people around you?

3. Are you able to get out of situations where you feel weak and taken advantage of?

4. Are you able to detach yourself from challenging situations to view the conflict symbolically?

5. Can you identify why you keep attracting certain types of experiences and people into your periphery?

If most of your answers are no and you want to get more clear, my archetypal intensives will help you learn essential life skills to uncover your true nature, learn and speak your truth, and create your own destiny.

The results?

    • You release repressed emotions.
    • You make the changes you need in your life so you can go on and get to where you want to be next.
    • You will begin to see the lessons and opportunities that come from life’s challenging situations.
    • You become the hero of your life story.

There’s homework involved. It’s fun work, but it’s not what I call easy.

You have to let go of old ways of interpreting life, as good, bad, or coincidental. When you sign up for an archetypal intensive you commit to crafting your biography.

Even if you’re nearing the later phases of your life, wouldn’t you like to kick back and explore all the different people you’ve been? Wouldn’t you like to feel inspired?

And at Into the Tangled Garden, you get to make progress. You get to communicate freely. You are encouraged to devote yourself to a bigger purpose – call it divine – that makes your life more fulfilling. You get to do all this with people on the same journey.

Into the Tangled Garden is a place where you can be who you really are without judgement.

And that’s rare. Clients say my enthusiasm encourages them to keep prodding until they uncover the source of every issue. I meet your emotions with compassion and a sense of humor. This I promise. Into the Tangled Garden is a safe space.

Here are a few testimonials. 

Archetypes and energy go together. Let’s learn about the chakras – your vital energy.