Chakras: Your Vital Energy

"The Sound of Seven Chakras" by Melanie Tee

“The Sound of Seven Chakras” by Melanie Tee

Each of us have a physical body, a mental body, emotional body and a spiritual body.

We are energy and matter. We have a physical spine and a spiritual backbone by which we learn to stand on our own, while making a difference in the world. 

The energy and the way it moves through the body, our circuitry if you will, is always moving, but it can get blocked when we have unfinished business, stress, trauma, or we aren’t following our path.

Blocked energy and unfinished business creates stress in the body that can lead to dis-ease or illness. “Our biography becomes our biology” as Caroline Myss, medical intuitive, teacher and best selling author of Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can reminds us.

Being aware of the location of the energy points in your body and what they represent gives you control over your health and emotions. The body is always speaking to us. We need to learn the language in order to interpret the message it sends though the “gift” of pain.   ( as a way to self – correct and heal.)

Each Chakras or Circuit contains a lesson.

  • Physical lessons: around relationships, sexuality, the material world, work, ego, self-esteem. Mental / Emotional lessons: related to love, forgiveness, will, self expression.             Spiritual lessons: related to wisdom, universal principals and spirituality.

plus more …

We often look outside ourselves for answers or a quick fix, when the answers lie inside. Each of us have hidden within ~ the tools to heal, and to grow in wisdom and strength. Often we stop ourselves because we have a fear of finding something that we believe will overwhelm us, when indeed, it will heal us.

Are you feeling rigid in your chest?

Tense in your neck?

Pain in your lower back?

Each chakra center connects to a vital organ in the body.

All of these symptoms are indicators of energetic imbalances in your relationship to life. Once you begin to make the shifts needed to bring you back to center, back to love, you will see physical changes in the body.

The path to enlightenment – the mastering of the inner and outer worlds – has been outlined by the wisdom traditions for centuries. The chakras provide a path for self-mastery, rites of passage in personal evolution that every spiritual tradition teaches regardless of the culture. They are stages of growth that lead to spiritual maturation and wisdom.

If you want health, harmony, and to live with the feeling that you are blooming – free in your body, free in the world – knowledge of the chakra system is essential.

If you want to understand how it all works, consider taking the Chakra Energy Workshop.

Learn who and what you give your energy to and how to get it back!

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