Get Recharged, Empowered and Make a Difference.

recharge“If you wish to diminish fear in the world, diminish your own. These are the gifts you can give.” -Gary Zukav

It doesn’t come easy but worth working at!

Until we feel comfortable WITHIN our self we look at everything outside our self for solutions. It doesn’t occur to us that the solution lies within.

Get Recharged, Empowered and Make a Difference.

The next step is to blame someone or something for our distress or dissatisfaction. When we take this track nothing changes. We see the mote in the others eye but not our own. At this point our relationships can turn sour, our jobs leave us feeling discontent, the conditions that we face seem unfathomable, the times we live in chaotic, our government to blame. Ok, maybe not all of those but one or two.

I’m not judging, it’s quiet habitual for us to do this without question. We have all been there, each of us and it’s easy to get caught up in this thinking.

What I would like you to know is this is a perfect time to take back your power. You see, when you blame others or circumstances you become the victim. You are in fact saying to your self that there is nothing you can do. That can leave you feeling helpless, inadequate, angry or all of the above which turns into depression. All or any of these left undetected can lead to physical problems and disease.

If and when you feel this way you are being asked to go inside. It’s seems dark and dangerous to start examining your beliefs and the story you have told yourself in order to survive. It’s downright scary, what will be left of me you ask?

It’s safe to look at the ways you’ve rationalized and defended your behavior.  Admitting to that means you are human, we do these things. You may mistakenly think that what you do and how you behaved or reacted is who you are.

You may think you are the accumulation of your past experiences. No, those were experiences that were there for you to learn from, to examine as a way to your inner self. So what did you learn?

Don’t go feeling sorry for yourself. I understand that we encounter trauma’s that haunt us for a very long time and I recognize those who have experienced tragic conditions. For some it takes longer and takes much work to resolve the past. What I am suggesting is that deep within each of us is a reserve. It is there when we look for it and we need to understand the force of love behind it.

There is a force within each of us that is begging to be empowered. That is our purpose and our design. Let go of the past, take only what you need. Look at life as if it were the first day of your life. No matter what happens be grateful for this life, for your ability, for your breath and your gifts what ever they are. Use them for your benefit and the benefit of others. That is the first step to empowerment.