4 Simple Steps to Intentional Decision Making

four simple steps‘You cannot choose your intentions consciously until you become conscious of each of the different aspects of yourself.” – Gary Zukav

Most of us would love if our difficult decisions were made for us.

4 Simple Steps to Intentional Decision Making
Question: How do I know I’m receiving guidance and it’s not just some mental concoction?


If it is guidance you will feel a quickening and with it a sense of excitement, a passion.  Ask yourself if you feel enlivened by the prospect? If it’s right you will feel energized.

We wish for a dramatic turning point and if we’re not paying attention to our inner urgings, it might actually take something harsh or dramatic to get our attention. What we’re waiting for and looking for are clear answers, we want to know the outcome before we take action, we want to have some control over the outcome.

Stop over-thinking, that’s right, your mind will never get you there.
You want to make sure you are making a decision that is congruent with your head and heart.
  • Step One:

Start with paper and pen. At the top write “Choosing the Right Path”

What decision are you trying to make? Describe it and get juicy with it.

choice 1

choice 2

  • Step Two

Find a quiet space to relax.

Light a candle, put on some quiet music. You might want to have an object that has some spiritual meaning for you. Close your eyes, if you don’t have a particular meditation practice just watch your thoughts and notice your breath.

Breathe deeply and exhale. Do this six times.

  • Step Three

Bring choice one to mind. Pause and ask the question “where is this decision likely to lead?”

Do the same for 2.

  • Step Four
  1. Pay attention to what you are feeling, experiencing, and sensing. This is your guidance directing you.
  2.  Does one option have more energy than another?
  3. Which feels lighter or heavier?
  4. Do you hear an inner voice offering a compassionate message about your decision?

If after you do this you don’t have a clear call for action or a strong feeling to do something, anything, it’s best to wait. Sometime what is called for is patience and learning to wait. Timing is so important. It’s self defeating to procrastinate and equally self defeating to act too soon before the time is right. Sometimes we panic and act out of fear. Wait. Let go. Guidance will come. You may be moved to take some smaller steps.

If you continue to find too many closed doors or you feel anxious or drained by the choice you made, it’s important to stop. See if you can find a place inside you that makes you feel peaceful or happy and try to follow where that feeling is leading you. Above all else you want your choice to create more balance in your life.

“Conscious evolution through responsible choice is the conscious road to authentic empowerment.” – Gary Zukav