Drop Your Emotional Baggage

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Emotional freedom doesn’t suggest you are suddenly free of feeling. Emotions are designed to call your attention to what is happening within you and around you, so you respond in an appropriate way.

All emotions stem from your needs. They drive your choices. They are neither good nor bad. They are important, however.

The opportunity for freedom is always calling. Yet, we are seldom aware. We stay unconscious of our emotions. We are confused by them. We choose to ignore them. We stuff them down inside us, so we don’t have to fully experience the physical sensations of pain they often stir within our skin.

We deny ourselves the right to express and work through them. We disown our right to make our needs known.

Why is that?

Perhaps as children we were told we exhibited too much laughter, too much whining, too many tears. We were too frivolous. We were too wild.

We were trained by parents, who inherited their comfort zone and level of emotional tolerance from their parents. We built an emotional boundary for ourselves to keep us safe, to prevent us from pissing someone off, from losing a relationship, from being scolded, from being told we’re crazy. The amount of emotional freedom we allow ourselves is based on generations past. It isn’t always self-developed.

0ac94109a9e8e3971e7cb116be85d6d1Unexpressed emotions are relegated to the unconscious. We seldom question  why we feel guilty, ashamed, or angry. We begin to judge ourselves thinking we are inappropriate or selfish or hateful. We avoid or repress our emotions. We push though situations. We allow ourselves to suffer years of abuse.

All this becomes our baggage, and it can get heavy. Yet carrying it seems to seem easier than to unpack, experience, reflect, alter our behavior, and drop it all.

How can you remain true to yourself while managing and maintaining relationships?

Relationships are sensitive. They call on us to be kind, thoughtful, and present for others. In many cases, especially if you have the habit of repressing your needs, tending to someone else’s can become a burden. The relationship becomes difficult – a source of discomfort and stress, rather than a bond that uplifts your life and your mood.

If you speak up, will the connection become volatile? Will the person be able to handle what you have to say? Do you even want someone in your life who can’t respect the way you feel?  

When you begin to release the baggage of your unexpressed emotions, you start to reprogram yourself. Yes, contrary to the popular opinion that “people never change,” we can reboot. As we begin to open our hearts, we learn to approach life more fully alive and aware.

emotional baggageThe process is not easy. What goes down has to come out. A lot of times, cultivating this awareness means you must face the darker shades of your experience – the violations you’ve endured, the ways you’ve hurt others.

The benefit is you begin to curate your reality in a way that allows healthy relationships and situations to occur in a higher and higher frequency. You begin to take care of yourself. You fill your life with people who are genuinely safe. You see situations for what they truly are and act accordingly.

This is the spiritual and emotional freedom that fills our soul with love, compassion, discernment, and ultimately defenselessness, so we can move into the bliss of higher states of consciousness through conscious relationship. Relationships call for a willingness to make yourself vulnerable by showing emotion. When it is received with respect, you will find it is worth the risk.

During my presentation, I will display visuals that represent the natural evolution of our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual growth. You will see clearly how your life evolves through these facets of Self. You will see where you may have blocks and baggage from the past. You will discover your inborn ability and tools  to let go, to put the baggage down. This will enlarge your capacity to speak your truth, manage your relationships with with honesty and an open heart. The decisions you make create your future. Let your emotions factor into the equation.