Facing Transformational Challenges: An Initiation

transformational-chllenges-150x150Movement to a higher level of consciousness is like any initiation. It can be unsettling because once again you’ve realized you don’t know everything. 

This time may seem like a mere disruption, an uncomfortable situation forcing you to either crumble or evolve. Taken to the next level, an initiation can become the dark night of the soul. We will feel crazy, lost, overwhelmed, and even angry during the start of a transformational period. Welcome these feelings. They are meant to deliver you joyfully to the next stage of your life.

Of course, you will doubt and question yourself, wanting specific answers that make analytical sense as to why you are being forced to endure this pain, or feel compelled to take a different action. Some experiences are beyond reason and logic. They just are. I can vouch for that. When it comes to matters of the soul, mysteries will abound. We can never know with certainty where our internal impulses will guide us. Why we feel almost grabbed and pulled into a unknown direction that may make no sense.  We can never know what the outcome will be.

Be patient, answers will come.

By surrendering to moment to moment choices, our internal impulses, we invite grace into our lives and are given the capacity to increase the joy in our hearts. Surrendering is not about loosing. It’s a decision to cease resistance. We put ourselves through enormous constraints and stress when we resist the change inherent to a transformational challenge. By abandoning ourselves to a higher calling, which we may not initially understand, we play with the universe. We are blessed with unimaginable gifts, a lighting bolt of understanding that increases creativity, imagination, and an ability to engage more fully in our lives.

Each time we pass through an initiation with abandon, we transform. Our spiritual capacities expand and we become magnificently inspired to live at a different vibration.

Life becomes more vibrant, the mundane is divine, relationships are more loving. Confidence increases, and the capacity for forgiveness, honesty, and generosity expands.

The first step to transformational change is a willingness to be honest about yourself, your needs, your motives, and your values.

It takes a bit of time. You are worth it. And once you get in the habit, once you realize you can trust your inner guide and that transformation is what life is about, change becomes easier. You will begin to welcome challenges into your life.

Into the Tangled Garden is an invitation to invest in your Self with the intention to move to a higher level of conscious awareness.