world eyeTo speak the truth, to be transparent, to accept the consequences of acting with integrity or not acting with integrity.

To be in tune with the world trying to heal itself we must be in tune with what is going on internally in our own lives. We are witnessing an upheaval, a revolt, a revolution across the middle east and here at home in states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and others. There is solidarity of purpose on both sides. We should understand that their must be changes, we can’t go backwards. Nature isn’t like that ~ it continually evolves, self corrects.  We must have the courage and will to try what hasn’t been tried before. To take action knowing that it will not be perfect, but it will development into something workable.

We must remind ourselves that after a revolution comes an involution, a going within. If we are against something what will it look like to be for something and what is that something. There are many espousing the virtues of conservatism without examining  the past or having an action plan that addresses immediate and long term needs, which can have disastrous ramifications in the future.

As for the brave and emboldened protestors the question will be how to revolutionize the old anarchy’s both here and abroad? There are sure to be as many ideas as there are people and we will have chaos for awhile. Can we act as one spirit as we move to change what we perceive as oppressive? Can we be of one mind when we address our need to heal? What would that look like and who will take the lead?

There is only one answer and each individual must choose for him or her self. The question we face is simple yet difficult; am I able to put aside my ego mind and act out of intention. What is that intention? The evolutionary intention would be to be in the world as an individual but to make decisions as if the other is also you. In other words do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Honor your differences but look for your likeness, look for what connects you not to what separates you. Until we see ourselves as one we will feel separated and fearful.

In turn, we can be at odds with something in our own life and sabotage ourselves or project this onto others so we don’t have to face our self. We are witnessing what the consequences of projection looks like. It can get all dressed up and look official, seem confident and secure on the outside but on the inside there is a soul being ravished, an unseen cancer growing while destroying its host and gradually divesting it of hope, its energy running on fear. It is in our best interest and the interest in the survival of the species that we address our inner demons by examining our motivation in each decision and action we take.

If we are only concerned with our self surely we will fail. If we can include universal values that include all people regardless of race, education, religious beliefs and culture we are in line with the highest order. In the final analysis we are all human beings, each facing different experiences and circumstances. Our needs and desires are universally expressed. How we respond in the end depends on honestly facing patterns, habits, and beliefs created by fear rather than integrity. Our intention should be to be clear and honest with our self.