Meet Your Pirate Archetype

pirateDSC_4201Initially, when we are magnetically attracted to a person or a thing, it arouses a quality that is already within us. We may be able to identify the source of our attraction, the characteristics that person or object possesses which we identify with (or have denied within ourself).

 However, this phenomenon often happens on unconscious level, where it goes unnoticed.

Take Johnny Depp, for example. What do we love about him? Is it a facet of Self you associate with or reject? Personally, my risk taking, rebellious, and fantasy femme fatal parts are attracted to Johnny Depp…right…we all know why we’re attracted to this superstar. Let’s examine his portrayal of pirate Jack Sparrow.

I would like to view the archetype of the pirate through two lenses: literally, for its qualities, and then symbolically, for insight to how the pirate relates to our journey on our own sea of life.

Historically, pirates fall into misfortune and are forced to serve at sea ransacking goods in order to survive. Aside from taking others property and plundering found treasures, as an archetype, the pirate represents a rogue personality – someone who is adventurous, unrefined, daring, bold, and fearless. In the case of Jack Sparrow, we may disapprove of his behavior, deeming it lawless.

Most likely, however, we’re attracted to his playful and unpredictable ways. We’re intrigued by his willingness to take risks, and be the fool (another archetype). We also probably envy his ability to be crafty and use new methods to achieve his purpose, regardless of obstacles along the way. Jack Sparrow is also depicted as tenderhearted, which serves to balance his mischievous temperament. Thank you for creating such a complex character, director Gore Verbinski.

Symbolically, the pirate, like every human, is looking for a lost or buried treasure, the Holy Grail within us which often remains untapped or misspent.

How many times in our lives have we misused or squandered our gifts, ignoring the treasure within that is practically begging to be discovered? We sail off into different directions looking for something in the material world to satisfy our soul, that divine fragment within us. I’m here to tell you the Self is the gold. The Self is pure love, unlimited energy, our essence, and our very breath. The soul’s only interest is to take us to those parts of ourselves, even when this journey seems more difficult than more trivial, worldly pursuits.

Most of our pain is self inflicted, and some is graciously bestowed on us for the purpose of getting us back on track after we have lost our bearings, adrift at sea. Like the pirate, we have scars. We have been in battle with ourselves. We have endured a lifetime of internal tug of wars over issues of personality. However, the personality is not who we are. Let’s utilize the pirate energy and be willing to take risks, try methods, ideas, and experiences that guide us off the map to discover the real us – unafraid, unshrinking, bold, daring, and fucking fearless. Knowledge of the soul is the only possession that makes a difference.

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