Personal Empowerment Programs


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Personal empowerment programs

These programs revolve around your personal power and how you manage it. Personal empowerment ultimately comes from yourself. If you are feeling marginalized, lacking the confidence to create conditions where you feel good about yourself, your relationships and life, these classes can provide the tools, techniques, and experiences that you need. If you are willing to do the work, you will experience a change in your consciousness, attitudes and emotions. You will come to life with energy and composure.

Classes, Workshops or personal one to ones are available from 1 hour to 1/2 day, full day, weekend workshops and weekly classes.


Healthy Boundaries: Participants learn how to create healthy boundaries, both internal and external, and learn the power of setting personal limits which enhance the sense of self, and improves relationships preventing victim/offender issues.

Are We a Pair? Archetypes play a huge role in how we act, what we are attracted to, how we interpret life and relationships. In this program couples explore and identify similarities, differences and polarities. What  is the power imbalance and struggle? Every Archetype represent the management of power within the relationships. Couples explore ways to understand and encourage each partner on his or her unique path.

Self Discovery:

Inner Child Workshop: Guided exercises, visualizations, and drawing will enable participants to develop a relationship with the internalized version of the children they once were. For example you might find that you have a wounded child, a nature child, an orphan child or magical child. Each of us has several but one controls your behavior. You will learn to stop repeating those belief and behavior patterns learned while growing up which limit full understanding of adult life.

Understanding Your Personal Story and History through Archetypes.

Archetypes are the architects or puppeteers of your life. They govern aspects of human life in the realms of relationship, values, career, finances, fear patterns, creativity, personal development and spirituality.. You may not realize but you live and speak in Archetypal language. Think Athlete, Artist, Companion, Goddess, Father, Mother – you are born imprinted with 12  provide a direct route to “know yourself” and to achieve a sense of self-esteem that is rational and authentic. Knowing your Self helps you make the courageous choices needed to walk toward your destiny, without needing approval from anybody. Let me make this clear. You are not your archetypes, you are not your personality, these are the tools of the Soul, here to maximize your experience..


Messages from the Body: Your body is amazing. “The nature of our nature is to maintain our health and balance. Your body provides you with data, with information to keep you healthy, and keeps you aware of when and where you are loosing power.” These powerful sessions will educate you on how to read your body’s messages. When you have this information you are able to make courageous decisions that affect your body, mind and emotions. You are the cure.

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