Personal Sessions

Your work is to keep doing inner work.

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Step Inside Into the Tangled Garden Studio

Think about the hundreds of thousands of dollars you’ve already invested in yourself – for food, for shelter, for higher education, for health care.

The ills of the fast-paced Western world are leaving more and more Americans craving a sense of wellbeing alongside material prosperity. Wellbeing is also an investment.

You can do reiki, acupuncture, group therapy, psychotherapy, 12 step programs, and more without finding a sustainable way to overcome your emotional pain and dissatisfaction. I can introduce you to the tools that you innately have within ( not taught in schools ) that will give you the confidence to make more conscious decisions so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Sometimes you need an ally, a confidant – someone with a wide range of life experiences to help you uncover the parts of yourself you can’t see yet.

Sometimes, we deny our own magnificence. Other times, we repress our dark side and unconsciously hurt others and ourselves in the process.

Personal sessions at Into the Tangled Garden are for people who want a more private experience working through their obstacles.

In a 1:1, I get to help you identify the false beliefs about yourself that got you in the situation that’s draining you of your power. Then we plot a course of action to get to where you want to be.

The whole goal of a personal session is to empower clients so they outgrow me. I help you see what the conflicts mean, so you can sit back and shake your head. You can change the projection or change the situation. You always have an option.

At Into the Tangled Garden, you will never be labeled good or bad. Your struggles will simply be looked at as part of the learning process you chose to take to achieve your Sacred Contract.

In addition to traditional coaching, personal sessions at Into the Tangled Garden can take on the following forms:


Spend an hour moving through your life challenges by moving your body. Dancing is an essential way to release blocked emotions and discover energetic imbalances buried in the psyche.


Sometimes you need a visual medium to reveal to you where you’re going and what you’re working through. I provide the materials for clients to create original art that shows the symbols in your unconscious with the power to guide you to your highest potential.


As a certified dream analyst, together we make sense of the stories you traverse when you fall asleep at night. Dreams offer a clue into what is being worked out in your inner world. Each scene has a meaning which you will explore and decipher and then apply to your waking life.


To book a personal coaching session, call Carol at 843-371-4637. All sessions take place at Into the Tangled Garden Studio, located in Mt. Pleasant’s Snee Farm. Clients will be charged an hourly rate with complimentary phone support in between sessions.