“The weeklong intensive with Carol was deeply transforming. Learning how to see myself through an archetypal/symbolic lens shed more light on self-defeating behaviors than any amount of traditional therapy could do.

Not only is Carol a gifted teacher, she made my stay so truly special.The healthy meals as well as the incredible energy of her beautiful home were healing.

I highly recommend the weeklong intensive to anyone looking to both reset, and dig deeper into themselves, through the work of Carolyn Myss, one of the most important teachers of our time. To have the personal touch of working with Carol who studied with her is a gift in itself. 

                                                                                                                                                                       — Ivey Dunaway

“During the eight week session, I was gradually able to let go of long held mental blocks. Carol had a way of keeping me engaged in spite my resistance. I feel like a different person and with this new perspective, can’t go back to my old habits of thought. I am so glad I opened up to myself and can not thank her enough.”

— L.K. Mount Pleasant

“I have tried just about everything to solve and conquer life’s downers. Psychotherapy, group therapy, medication, acupuncture, reiki, hobbies, educational pursuits, self help and Twelve Step groups. Initially, after purging my life secrets and weaknesses I would feel better but drained, and later I would be overcome with worry. I attended a Sample Class at Into the Tangled Garden in February. Carol conveyed a sense of trust so participants became comfortable enough to be honest about themselves. It was the first time I actually left someplace where trauma and pain, though discussed, were not the overriding emotion. I actually felt light and inspired. I’ve continued to work with Carol to implement new life-style strategies.”

— E.C. Summerville

“I have had so much fun, Carol. I love looking at my life, dreams, personal myths in terms of archetypal energy … especially the shadow aspects and how they play out in the different houses. I learned so much about myself in terms of energy, survival modes ( defense mechanisms ) and highest potential, like my trickster, very exhilarating. This work is so important, I have recommended you to others because there is no better gift to yourself and loved ones than inner work and awareness. This work is very accessible to people because we resonate so strongly with these archetypes collectively and on a very deep level.”

— L.M. from Charleston

“The class was powerful in an unexpected way. The process is so amazing.

As we were exploring, I was thinking “No this can’t be what it means.” However with your prompting me to think it through, it all came together. Insight is not always a pretty thing. The positive aspect is that I would never have the opportunity to change what I am doing, without this information.”

— R. West Ashley

“The class has been good for me because I regularly need to do my personal work. This helps me check back in, have a good conversation with myself. I have learned that keeping me solid is important then in doing my exterior work.”

— K.M. Mount Pleasant

“After this… I am more of an observer of my behaviors and I understand myself in a more clear way…I can see where I have let things go without addressing them immediately causing bigger problems. I see that I can address issues immediately so as not to create a bigger issue.”

— J.K. Mount Pleasant