The Magician Archetype

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 2.16.25 PMLike every other archetype, the magician can appear in the psyche of both men and women, despite our tendency to characterize forms of behavior as either masculine or feminine. Remember we have access to Yin and Yang, anima or animus, within our reach. Honoring both is what makes us complete.

To represent the Magician, I choose an image from the 2000 movie, Chocolat.  The film tells the beautiful story of a single woman Vianne ( played by Juliette Binoche), who energizes an otherwise stuffy town with her irresistible chocolate creations.

The Magician has the ability to transform.

While those who have this archetype are leaders and charismatic, they prefer to stay on the sidelines and are more interested in using their raw power for the advantage of others. They are masters of the laws of nature – thoughtful and introspective. They live from their center. When a Magician is faced with a situation that’s unsettling, he or she enters their sacred space by meditating or resting, to tap into the divinity within. Though compassionate, they detach themselves from their surroundings.

The Magician is an observer who seeks to understand the depth and intricacy of forces brought about by fate.

Like the Alchemist, the Magician offers the exact ingredient needed to help others see their own divinity and untapped power. They offer a new, enlightened perspective that makes it easier for others to redefine their reality and make healthy choices once blocked by unseen and unconscious patterns. This ability to shift perceptions not only benefits those transformed, but others as well. We are all Magicians because our attitude, negative or positive, affects those we interact with. The gift of the Magician comes from a deep knowing at a psychological and spiritual level.

What about the shadow Magician?

We see the results of the shadow Magician in false advertising. This is mentioned by Carol Pearson Ph.D., author of many bestselling and well-respected works on archetypes. False advertising manipulates people to buy something that’s essentially harmful to their heath (such as alcohol and sugar) by portraying it as an item with the potential to positively alter lives. We are subject to misinformation when the news represents a good deed in a negative light and focuses on problems rather than solutions. This creates fear, when instead power could used to educate people by bringing thoughtful consideration to the topic at hand.

It is up to us to awaken the Magician within, but doing so requires a healthy and developed ego. The Magician is a very powerful energy. Pearson adds, “ to the degree that we do not fully claim our own power to transform, we are more likely to be possessed by this energy as a shadow form.”

The Magician calls for ego strength, as a container for Self and Soul. The Magician becomes dangerous when arrogance or egotism take the lead. The art of developing wisdom takes time and a willingness to be utterly truthful about your motivations, honoring your Self by relying on integrity rather than fear in interactions.

Can you bring this powerful Archetype into your life?

Think of co-workers or family members who are influenced by the Magician. They exemplify qualities of the visionary, are team players, flexible, true to their deeper values, and possess an attitude backed by action that personifies personal responsibility – which allows them to transform the environments and people around them. I think of Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, and our own President, Barack Obama. Remember, the Magician works for the good of all and is moved by an inner compass whose motivation is to see that everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves, and to build consensus and community with an open mind and heart.